Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Tue 11.10.11, Afternoon

Yael L.-J (reporting). Avital F. ( driving)


14.00 till 16.30 PM
Etzion DCL:  we reached Etzion at 14.50 PM.. Five Palestinian cars stood on the parking space. The waiting hall was empty.

Within half an hour 3 more people were arriving. One had to wait some minutes on the stairs near the turnstile and the counter of the soldier. Another person was marching straight to the soldier, and the third - was turning first to us, telling  us that he was waiting for the soldier to take care of him since 8 AM
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 Bethlehem - Checkpoint 300:  we got there about 16.00 PM.
More people were waiting to pass than last time we visited the CP, most likely all Palestinians on their way home. Not many tourists.

Only one soldier was seen at one counter who did not check the people. Then all of a sudden a bigger group of customers came together. Somebody, on the soldiers side, closed the entrance. As a result - people had to wait about 5 minutes without any line open. Then the gate was opened and the crowd could pass like before..