Abu Dis, Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Sheikh Saed, Mon 26.9.11, Afternoon

Yael I., Ruth O. (reporting)


Sheikh Saed


We tried to enter Sheikh Saed but the Border Policeman at the CP informed us that only with a valid permit would he let us back out. We asked him to verify this with his commander and he obviously very reluctantly called and the officer confirmed what he had told us.  We called Anat T. to ask her what to do and she gave us two numbers where we could obtain a permit. The first number did not reply and frustrated we gave up trying the other number, since we were aware that anyway no great sensational news awaited us inside.

We were unable to drive on the

American Road

; a bulldozer which was digging a ditch along the side of the road blocked the passage. In reply to our question one of the men who worked on the bulldozer said that they were digging the sewerage for Jebel Mukabr, word on which has been going on apparently for some years already. We turned around and got on the
American Road

close to Ras El Amud.

Abu Dis

In Abu Dis we noted again that the gate which leads to the pishpash and is opened to allow the nursery school children to pass was locked and and one can no longer drive along the wall.

At the parking lot of the Olive Terminal a large number of cars were waiting for workers crossing the checkpoint.

We drove along the wall connecting The A-Zayim CP with Anata, the construction of which has recently been completed. The huge CP next to Anata is still not in use, although it looks as if it is finished. People and cars still pass thrugh the CP inside the village. New high-rise buildings have sprouted along the road