Bethlehem, Fri 15.7.11, Morning

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Clare Oren (reporting). Iris (guest)



Bethlehem– Checkpoint 300:

 my daughter Iris is the guest, who came primarily for the Palestinian State Solidarity March

Three lanes are open.  Queues are generally not longer since the first crossing from Bethlehem is much longer.  A few minutes after we arrive, my daughter says, “What, does he want a picture?”  And indeed, I see that a soldier positioned in lane 3 is looking at her, letting someone pass, then looking at her again… I think, well, maybe this’ll help a few Palestinians pass through faster and let a few children cross even though dad only has a work permit…

But suddenly, a Palestinian arrives who wants to cross with his small child.  This same smiley soldier, so young, tells the man to go back to Bethlehem.  I ask the soldier to exercise better judgment, but judgment is apparently not his strong suit.  With a big grin he tells me it’s impossible.

My daughter suddenly turns and says, “Look what he’s doing!” I turn and see the soldier taking her picture with his cell phone camerainfo-icon.  I pull out my own camera and mime to him, asking in sign language if he wants us to photograph him, too.  He laughs.  They usually jump at our throats if we try to take photos  there.  I seize the moment and take his picture (attached).






Also attached is a photo from the Palestinian solidarity march