Reihan, Shaked, Wed 17.8.11, Morning

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Nava R.

08:00 - Shaked-Tura checkpoint

Every vehicle which arrived, from either side, was inspected and drove away within five minutes .

People went into the inspection cabin and walked out after three minutes.

It appears that all is well, but before nine o'clock five went inside for inspection, three women and two men on their way from Daher-el-Malec into the West Bankhey went in and came out of the inspection cabin a few times and in the end didn't go through. One of them explained to me that one of the women, an attractiveyoung woman, wore earrings which beeped during the inspection. She was told to remove her Hijab which covered the earrings and she refused. The rest didn't want to go without her. When the soldiers watched me calling the DCO, she was called by the Sergeant who asked her what was whistling she answered that those were her earrings and that she wasn't going to take off her Hijab. The Sergeant reconsidered. consulted, made a phone call and allowed her to go through.

09:15- All had crossed over.

09:25 - Reihan-Barta'a checkpoint

Three huge trucks loaded with goods waited for inspection. There weren't too many cars at the car park, perhaps it has to do with the Palestinian clock that at this time stands on 08:25 only.

During my shift two more trucks had arrived as well as three commercial vans, all drove straight into the inspection area.

Pedestrians who arrived on site, went straight into the terminal.

10:30 Before I left, I saw soldiers, policemen and drivers at the upper car park in an argument. One of the Palestinian said that the soldier argued with a cab driver and following that policemen and more soldiers arrived on site.

On my way to East Barta'a I saw signs of fire next to the shooting range by the side of the road. Olive trees were burnt.