Reihan, Shaked, Wed 3.8.11, Morning

Nava Raveh, Ruthy T. (reporting)


6.55 – 10.00

6.55 Shaked-Tura CP

Seven soldiers are slowly climbing up to the CP. The first gate opens at 7.03. At 7.12 the first of those to go through is a herd of goats. The red-head from Daher-el-Malek is driving his family to Ya'abed. At 7.20 Dvorah who belongs to the drivers of 'On the Way to Getting Well', arrives. She is allowed to pick up Zina and her mother from the center of the CP, between the gatesinfo-icon. She will take them to Ilan in Jerusalem. Only a few are going through today. At 7.25 a second car enters going in the direction of the West Bank. A number of workers are waiting to be picked up. At 7.45, the CP is empty of people who want to go through.

8.20 Reihan-Barta'a

A truck loaded with blocks is waiting on the road. At 8.33 seven cars go up for inspection. They emerge after twenty minutes on the dot. In the Palestinian parking lot opposite the Entrance/Exit gate to and from the terminal – a taxi driver is waiting for passengers to Jenin. The price of the trip for a single passenger is ten shekels. A 'Special' trip costs seventy shekels. The livelihood of those who drive people in private cars has been hurt seriously, because the commercial taxi drivers have the right to first choice. Workers who enter the terminal are seen in the sleeveinfo-icon that emerges to the north, after eight minutes. At 9.00 the parking lot is almost full. An Israeli garbage truck arrives from the West Bank and goes through quickly in the direction of Israel. At 9.30 the truck with the blocks comes up to the inspection pavilion and another six pickup trucks come up at the same time. A small truck, loaded with mattresses, packages of clothes and straw chairs, on its way to the West Bank, is detained on the road. It turns out that it has to be inspected in the area that is generally designated for cars that arrive from the West Bank. The driver slumps in the shed. He is told that his turn for inspection will be in another two hours.