Bethlehem, Tue 7.6.11, Morning

Rachel M., Drora P. (reporting)

 :Bethlehem- Checkpoint 300, 6:30 am

Today is the eve of the Festival of the First Fruits, (Pentacost - Shavuoth) and we wonder if the closureinfo-icon is already in force. It immediately becomes apparent that there is no closure, but that the people who should normally pass through the checkpoint have made the mistake of thinking that closure is in force.

When we arrive at the checkpoint at 06:45 there are no people at the exit, and only two inpection stations are manned. Gradually people begin to arrive for the last inspection and they are very annoyed. According to them, only one gate is open, and passage through it is slow. From time to time another wave arrives and it appears that many people are still waiting to enter. The Humanitarian center tells us that they will deal with the matter. 

We meet the of the civil administration representative, and he explains the problem to us “People thought that there is a closure and didn’t try to get to work.  When a rumor spread that there is no closure, people started to stream towards the checkpoint.  In the meantime – because no people arrived – the soldiers who were supposed to be at the other gatesinfo-icon and the inspection stations at the exit were released.  They are tired and hungry and therefore they have gone to eat and rest . . .”

We demand that the civil administration representative should send  soldiers to open an additional gate, because after all, a change in the situation also requires a change in deployment.  The problem is solved and an additional gate is opened.  .So most of the people are able to pass through by 08.00