Etzion DCL, Sun 19.6.11, Afternoon

Nava D., Maya B.-H. (reporting)


 Etzion DCL, 15:45 pm:   on the way there we encountered 2 police roadblocks, neither of which was directed against Palestinians. We don't know the cause (the result was slow going), but it seems they were on the lookout for a specific car.

At the DCL there were many cars parked in the lot, but only about 14 people inside, most at the turnstile. The complaints were the usual: movement inside was slow, waiting was interminable, the soldier at the window does not hear or does not reply, some were there for the second time, after not being received last Sunday, etc. "Why do we need to queue so humiliatingly to get branded?", was one man's description of the magnetic card. We were promised that they would "try" to take all comers before closing time. They did not. The few sent away left bitterly.