Etzion DCL, Mon 23.5.11, Afternoon

Shlomit S., Ora A. (reporting)


Etzion DCL:   no recurrence of last week's miracle, when all the people that had been waiting were admitted and taken care of. This week the Palestinians waited for some 7-8 hours or, from opening hours to closureinfo-icon of the DCL. Many hadn't been attended to and were sent back home, having to return and wait for hours again.

14:20:There were some 20 men and women in the waiting hall. Two men who had come out of the offices with their magnetic cards told us that six persons were waiting inside. Two more men came out but then - no more.

 At 14:40   we called the Humanitarian office and requested their hel.

At 15:00   a complained that the soldiers were not filling their duty, they were sitting around chatting.

 15:40: called again, five people were admitted.

 At 16:05   two women emerged with their magnetic cards. One of them had been waiting since 8:30 – a total of seven and a half hours. Two women that had come at 9:00 said they had been admitted at 12:30, and waited inside three and a half hours. Another man came out saying this was his third attempt to be admitted so today he arrived at 7:00 and emerged at 16:10 with his magnetic card. 

A young couple approached us: the woman has cancer and was to receive treatment in a Jerusalem hospital. The husband is a Shabak-refusee and cannot accompany her. We advised to whom to apply with their problem.

A young fellow approached us – his two-month old daughter is about to undergo surgery at Tel Hashomer and he wants to obtain an entrance permit into Israel. He tried to find out what sort of documents were required.

At the same time we heard an announcement that the people in the waiting hall were requested to go home. We appealed on their behalf but to no avail.