Qalandiya, Mon 4.7.11, Morning

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Judy O.'Maya B..(reporting)
6:25  we  arrive  and  see a   medium  size  line  waiting to go in. There is  one  soldier  girl  inside  the  control room
and  no  other  army  representative  anywhere.   At  the humanitarian gate  there  are some  people  but no one to let them in.
We  call the DCO  and  only  after the third call, when I asked for the DCO  officer  did  I get  a reply  and  the officer arrived.
He  was  very  apologetic about not  being  there  at such a crucial hour  and  let  everyone in.  The lines  moved fast  and  by 7:30  all where inside.
At the  blue card  passage  it  was  the same.  Waiting  only a couple of minutes.
The  DCO  officer  seemed  to be  considerate  and  communicative.
The  surroundings  are  is  full of  rubbish  but the new road  to Hizme  and  Wallage  very  good. 
We  also saw  that a fancy roundabout is  going  up.
Would it not be nicer if the army removed all the cement blocks  and  wire fences ?