Reihan, Shaked, Wed 11.5.11, Morning

Vivien, Marika, Nava Raveh

07:45 - 09:10 Shaked-Tura checkpoint

There were no special problems this morning, but one farmer, a resident of Tura, told us about what happened to him last summer. He had planted young olive trees on his land in the Sean Line zone, between the settlements of Shaked and Heinanit. Following that he came to the checkpoint with a water container connected to his car, for watering the young trees. He wasn't allowed to take the water tanker inside. He has waited for an answer from the DCO for four hours, and at the end had to return the tanker to Tura. Purchasing water at the Seam Lime zone is too costly. This year again he had planted new plants on the same land and he is now worried that the story might repeat itself. He is also worried that a long period of time would pass between the expiration of his permit until its renewal, which might result in jeopardizing his caring for his plants. In the meantime, all is well, - luckily the rain came late this year and it might even rain more.

09:20 -10:15 Reihan-Barta'a checkpoint

11 trucks loaded with vegetables waited on the road in front of the checkpoint. There were also three private cars and a Palestinian Medical Service vehicle.

Drivers told us that they've been waiting since 06:00. Early this morning seven trucks went in for inspection that took a rather long time. There were more trucks than usual due to the closureinfo-icon during the Israeli Independence day, when bringing goods into the Seam Line zone was not allowed.

10:15 Seven out of the 11 trucks had entered the inspection area. Drivers guess that inspection might take two and a half hours.

We hear that recently inspection has been much slower.

We leave the checkpoint.