'Anin, Mevo Dotan (Imriha), Reihan, Shaked, Thu 24.3.11, Morning

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Neta G. (reporting) Shula B. (photographing)

Translator:  Charles K.

06:05  A’anin checkpoint

The gatesinfo-icon are open; about ten people and three tractors go through.

The children of the Bedouin family near the checkpoint arrive, some on foot, some on a donkey, wait for their ride to the school in Umm Reihan.  An adult also arrives.  He says that about two weeks ago senior officials from the Civil Administration who spoke Arabic came to them.  They suggested they move to Umm Reihan.  They didn’t offer to give them land.  He said that until 1948 they lived on the Carmel and fled here.  They don’t have electricity, but get water from the settlement of Tal Menasheh.  Before the fence was built they received water from A’anin


06:45  Reihan-Barta’a checkpoint

Laborers wait for rides at the upper parking lot on the seam zone side.  We go through the vehicle checkpoint intended for holders of blue ID cards after a bus from the Shomron regional council.  There’s very little traffic at the terminal at this hour.  The laborers have already crossed, and the people who work in Barta’a, and the Barta’a merchants, haven’t arrived yet.  Children go up the road to the school in Zabde.  Their homes are next to the security road running through the lower Palestinian parking lot.

07:00  Zabde

Locked gates block access to Route 596, the main road, forcing those coming to the Reihan checkpoint to make a huge detour or change vehicles here.  Two cars parked on the side leading to Zabde, and about a dozen on the side leading to Qafin and Tulkarm

07:10  Dothan checkpoint

The road to Yabed and to Jenin is open; the checkpoint isn’t manned.  A military vehicle passes, continues to the Mavo Dothan settlement.  The few Palestinian vehicles crossing at this hour slow down before reaching the checkpoint, and go through.

07:30  Passing the Reihan – Barta’a checkpoint

Two buses waiting in the Palestinian parking lot.  Pupils – girls – come down through the fenced corridor from the seam zone.  The route of their field trip passes through the terminal.

07:40  Shaked – Tura checkpoint

Apparently the children have already crossed.  About ten people wait on the West Bank side of the revolving gate to enter the inspection building.  Three cars also wait.  Two pupils – girls – walk toward the checkpoint.