Reihan, Shaked, Tue 1.3.11, Morning

Lea R. and Anna N.S

Translated by Dvora K.

07:20 Tura (Shaked) CP

The small schoolchildren have gone through. Now the older children arrive. There is no change in the routine of the occupation . Everything proceeds at a leisurely pace as if it was destined by fate - the Occupation. Every actor knows his / her role and does not deviate from it. How blind we are to the reality surarounding us!

08:00 New Barta'a CP

At this time of day, laborers and workers from the West Bank are on their way to work in East Barta'a in the seamline zone. Most of them come in private cars full of passenger, and they immediately go through the gate to the terminal. Five private taxis are waiting for the inspection of the pickup trucks to end so that they can go through. One of the drivers tells us about the driver of a pickup truck at the Dothan CP, who was on his way to the Reihan CP and had all the necessary permits. At the Dothan CP they asked him to unload all the goods off the truck, even though he had a permit to transport them.

A resident of one of the settlements in the area tells us about the difficulties that the soldiers make for Palestinian drivers at the Dothan CP. He claims that the ill treatment is in fact something that goes on daily.

The village of Umm-el-Reihan is celebrating: it was recently connected to the electricity grid. Congratulations!

08:30  We left.