Abu Dis, Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Thu 10.2.11, Morning

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Ora K., Nava A., Michaela R. (reporting)


6:30 Issawiya East (near the roundabout)
A border-police jeep is parked at the entrance.  We are firmly prevented from entering (we had not intended...), and in reply to our argument that Issawiya is within the municipal jurisdiction of Jerusalem, we were given a story of the female officer who had entered, and what had happened to her.  We were asked to show documents.
As a matter of fact, we were the only vehicle that aroused any interest.  All the rest drove in and out freely.
In conclusion we were asked whether we were proceeding to Jerusalem. ???
6:50 Zeitim Crossing
Many crossing, and passage is fast.
7:30 Wadi Nar
A car was being delayed when we arrived but was released before we descended.
A delegation of three representatives of the security forces strides towards us to send us back.  We explain politely who we are and where we stand, and the discussion is concluded.
During our stay, vehicles crossed without checks.
A tractor (with Arabic inscription) was parked near the pillbox.  Confiscated?