'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 31.1.11, Afternoon

Yocheved G., Hana H. (reporting)

14:50-Anin checkpoint

 The checkpoint is open. Only 11 people, among them 2 youths and also three tractors, are waiting to cross over. They enter one by one. At the first stage a soldier checks the I.D. card and the parcels and this is followed by checking it and registration in the computer - passage is swift. The youngsters who went out with their father on Thursday are now returning home. They are without papers nonetheless they do cross over without problems. 

By 15:10 all went through.

15:15 - Shaked checkpoint

 6 cars drive through  to both directions. Passage time is 3-4 minutes.

A few pedestrians go inside the SeamLine zone without problems.

A buggy loaded with sacks harnessed to a donkey is driven by a young boy in the direction of the isolated house, is sent back after a 10 minutes inspection.

In front of the checkpoint on the side of the West Bank parks a truck loaded with rugs and other equipment intended for the mosque at Daher-il-Malec, the driver awaits an inquiry at the DCO that would allow him to drive through the check post.

15:50 - Reihan checkpoint

Workers return from Barta'a and other places in Israel. It is cold outside, rain and cold wind, yet no one can enter the terminal, there is a change of shifts.

There are problems with the turnstiles and there are  people with children returning from Jenin. About  40 people  line up every few minutes by a different  turnstile which they are able to operate.

Finally at 16:15 the two turnstiles are operational and inside the terminal there is one window which receives the rpeople returning from the Seam Line zone, and a second one which handles those coming from Jenin.

At 16:20  more than 50 people stand outside in the cold. Sharon comes over and asks them to create  two lines, for those coming from Israel and for those returning from the Seam Line zone. Another window opens and after the commotion the crowed eases up and all are able to cross over quickly.