Tayasir, Wed 29.12.10, Afternoon

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Anina K., Yehudit H. (reporting) guest:Shula L.

Translated by Yael S.

1330 - 1500
Tens of soldiers on the sides of the roads, tents, Jeeps, ammunition.
We leave clothes and toys by the Bedouin tent and are granted a wave of thanks from one of the women who picks it up.

Tayasir checkpoint  
There are no vehicles and even soldiers are nowhere to be seen. They sit quietly inside  their cabin.  A truck arrives from the direction of Taysir and two soldiers come of the cabin. A short conversation and the truck drives along.
The quiet resumes and we leave.
On the way to Hamara there are many soldiers, some sit by the tent and others are scattered in the area.

Hamara checkpoint  
Lively traffic of pedestrians, women , men and children come out of the pedestrians' inspection post.  Men zip up  and put back their belts.
Some great us, some ignore us and even appear angry.
The checkpoint commander comes over. He knows us from previous visits.
Vehicles going to both direction drive through quickly. An "impertinent" driver who had dared to move on without a sign from the soldier, was forced to get back in line and wait. With in three minutes he was sent on.

Skies are grey and the cold penetrates. and so, we leave.