Abu Dis, Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Sheikh Saed, Silwan, Wed 22.12.10, Morning

Anat T., Dafna S. (reporting)


Sheikh Saed
Children crossing slowly; we called and the tempo increased slightly.
The soldier yells on the loudspeaker at the top of his voice.  We asked him to lower his voice -- the younger children looked frightened -- and things indeed grew quieter and moved faster.
More security than usual -- due to the Christian holidays?
We drove by the Khalif Hotel.  Aside from a garbage truck, it was quiet.
Olive Terminal
Only one corridor was open, resulting in a long line of women with infants.  We called and were told that if someone is at the DCO another corridor cannot be opened... for lack of manpower.
We were told that in fact we were in the way...
We counted ten minutes between one crossing and another.  After another call things moved faster