'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 27.9.10, Morning

Leah R., Anna N.S.

Translator:  Charles K.

06:30  A’anin checkpoint
We arrived half an hour after the checkpoint opened.  The Bedouin family’s children are waiting for their ride to school.  An old man said, “They came, opened the gate, let five people through and closed it again.”  That is, the closureinfo-icon doesn’t apply to this agricultural gate.  No date has yet been set for the olive harvest, nor have the permits for farmers been renewed.  We were told that “the process is underway.”

06:50  Reihan checkpoint
Laborers cross to Barta’a, as well as teachers.  The seamstresses have already crossed.  People go through without delays.  Only those with special permits are allowed to cross to the Shahak industrial zone – in other words, those whose employers took care of it.  A carpenter who usually works in the Shahak zone is turned back because he tried to cross to Barta’a using a permit that isn’t honored today.  There must be order here, or what will become of us?  How can anyone decide for themselves when to come and where to go, whenever they choose!

Few laborers waiting in the upper parking lot for rides to work.  Everything is slow and low-key today.  A holiday for Israel – a holiday for Palestine.  Let them rest a bit!

We were told that the checkpoints between the northern and central West Bank are open.  When the occupier wishes, one can drive freely from Jenin to Tulkarm and back.  Hallelujah!  M. tells us that it’s hard to find work on the West Bank.  The festival of abundance reported in the media applies only to the wealthy.  Most residents of the West Bank are unemployed, poor, with no work and no means of livelihood.  Men with families walk the streets in despair.  Youths work in agricultural and at odd jobs for 20 shekels a day.

07:40  Shaked checkpoint
The pupils have already gone through by now.  Two cars heading for the West Bank enter the checkpoint area, undergo a quick inspections and continue.  Other cars arrive from the West Bank.  We didn’t see any unusual incidents.  The occupation routine.

Only the sea squills blossoming everywhere remind us that there’s something to look forward to.

08:00  We left