Reihan, Shaked, Sat 2.10.10, Morning

Rachel H. Noah L. (reporting)

0730 -0800 Tura-Shaked checkpoint
It is extremely hot even at this early hour.
No one waits by the carousel at the entrance from the West Bank; whoever arrives walks straight inside the inspection building. A number of women wait in front of the inspecting booth on thier way to the West Bank.

Inspection appears slow but with in twenty minutes they all go through.

Passage continues to both direction.

0810 - 0845 Barta'a checkpoint

When we arrived cab drivers told us that there is a serious delay at the checkpoint, and there are many people waiting inside for rather a long time. Going down the sleeveinfo-icon we meet large groups of people as described by the drivers.
At this time the delay ends. No one waits by the carousel, whoever arrives in the direction of the West Bank,gets inside immediately.
Many people get out of the building.
Two posts are open. We weren't able to get a clear  answer as to how long they waited inside, but those who come out at this time report that now passage is swift and takes only a few minutes.
The inspection of vehicles and of passengers going to the West Bank is now quick and there are no vehicles from the West bank that wait for inspection.