Qalandiya, Thu 7.10.10, Morning

sheila a., judy e.

Qalandiya at 6:25am, The lines for both cars and trucks were backed up and the building was unusually crowded, mainly with men sitting on the benches.  We were curious about the passivity of the people sitting around and one person explained to us that since in the past, so many people had been injured while standing in line,  they felt it was safer to sit down and wait for the gatesinfo-icon to  open.
We learned, in addition, that there had been a power outage at 5:00am but unfortunately, the people in line had not been told. To add to the confusion, one x-ray machine was not functioning.  People without bags were invited to go to this line. 
For the most part, we continue to find the soldiers' behaviour acceptable but one security guard today, was especially rude to a man holding a sick child. 
Soldiers are unable to view the situation in the outer area which creates unnecessary hardships, especially with the Humanitarian Lanes.  We were finally able to get the attention of one soldier who was thus able to assist in two cases with very sick children.

 Anata at 8:15, we noted that the construction was continuing and that for the most part, the traffic was flowing well.