'Azzun 'Atma, Eliyahu Crossing, Habla, Mon 13.9.10, Morning

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Nina S and Frances T (reporting)

06:45 Habla.
We arrive to see the barrier on both sides is closed.  On asking the soldiers why the gate is not open yet, we receive the reply “the computer is down”.  Five minutes later, the barrier on our side is opened.  A Hummer arrives with the crew to man the computer (not surprising it is “down” if there is no one to operate it!)
The barrier at the other side is opened at 07:00 but the line doesn’t move.  We call Tedesa (DCO) to complain.  The line of Palestinians starts to move slowly.  By 07:20 4 groups of 5 have gone through. 
07:30 Sha’ar Eliyahu
About 7 Palestinians are waiting to go through.  No pressure on the crossing. 
07:45 Jayyous (North)
The gate is open.  We meet 2 volunteers from the ECC (from S. Africa and Switzerland) who advise that 18 Palestinians have passed through the gate this morning.  Less activity than usual, possibly due to the limited opening time, whereas the gate at Flamiya is open permanently.  
08:10 Flamiya
According to the soldiers at the crossing, there is an increased number of people going through.
09:00 Azoun Atmeh
The checkpost is open with a total absence of soldiers.