Ashqelon - Remand Extension

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Mira W., Yael A.

Judge Dov Gilboa presiding. No translator present. Start time 11:45. End time 11:55.

Fadi Mahmmud Sarur. Has been in detention for 60 days. This is his 4th remand of custody. Prosecution is asking for 22 days.

The detainee was arrested on the 3rd of September. His family was notified on the 10th of September.

The charge: possession and dealing of arms and offering military training to civilians.

The suspect: what military training? The suspect asks to reduce the number of days. "I admitted what I have to admit. I'm asking to be moved to the prison and that the prosecution charges me with whatever they have evidence about."

Investigator: we are aware of the time that the suspect has been detained for. However, in light of the evidence we ask to continue our investigation in the detention facility.

Judge: I am looking at the request for remand in custody for 22 days. This is the forth request. I have gone over the detainee's statement from September 30th and the classified report from September 5th. I believe it is necessary to allow the investigation to go ahead with their plan as stated in article three of the secret report. However, I feel that the request for remand of custody for 22 days is too long. I authorize a remand of custody of 15 days until September 19th.

There were only two detaineesinfo-icon and the second one was prohibited from meeting a lawyer.

Both detainees were remanded in custody until September 19th and we agreed to be there. .