Sansana, Wed 26.5.10, Morning

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Yehudit K. and Nurit B. (reporting)

Translation: Bracha B.A.

Meitar Crossing
06:45: The checking lane is almost empty at this hour. A few prisoners' families wait under the shelter and a bus stands in the Palestinian parking lot. The workers are already on the Israeli side waiting for their shuttles. The construction work that we reported earlier is still going on.
There are a lot of IDF vehicles along the road to Hebron.
The same four cabins still scattered on the hill to the right of the entrance to Kiryat Arba.


07:30: More soldiers than usual all over the place, but no one is detained. Today students are carrying only notebooks instead of their usual schoolbags. Perhaps they have exams today.  I had a long conversation with a sergeant at the Pharmacy junction.  He is about to complete his military service in another four months and had never heard of us before, for better or worse. The conversation was very interesting and it appeared as if we gained a positive listener. I was also pleased to learn that they would be there for six more months.  The local population feels a lot more comfortable with them.  Yehudit spoke with the CPT members who still report what is going on everywhere. 

This time we returned via Yaata.  The road was empty.