'Anabta, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Wed 9.6.10, Afternoon

Ri T. (guest) Mika S., Aliyah S. reporting,



At the Anabta checkpoint we saw a military jeep and a soldier.
They seemed to be there only to show that they are still there - like us.

17:00 Irtah - Ephraim Gate,

The turnstile was open, the workers were going through and out the nearest exit.
The hall was empty except for one guy sweeping the floor. There was no problem. 
Suddenly the turnstile was locked andf no one could go through. The line of workers was growing and we could see no reason for the delay. Then a guard appeared on the beam above facing the turnstile, and the women and children began to arrive. We noticed the big busses parked outside the parking area. For the women and children returning from the prison visits a guard was necessary. The turnstile was opened. The workers continued going through without any checking; The women and children lined up at 2 windows to have their ID cards checked.