Reihan, Shaked, Sun 27.6.10, Morning

Hanna H., Ruti T., (reporting)

Translation: Bracha B.A.

06:00 Reihan-Barta'a Checkpoint
"It's OK today.  Today they are working well."  Workers coming out of the terminal in small groups greet us.  The seamstresses are picked up at 06:02.  Tenders are in the inspection facility. We went down to the lower parking lot to check whether it was crowded at the gate to the terminal and people were going in one at a time as we had heard.  We found that this was not true and people were going in groups.  They entered the inspection facility quickly.  The guard at the entrance says that it was not crowded.  "What was it like at 05:00?"  The guard explains that he cannot talk about that. A tender going to the West Bank goes through within a minute and people pass through in ten to fifteen minutes. Some leave the terminal as the vehicle they arrived in enters the inspection facility, and they will have to wait another twenty or thirty minutes until It comes out.   

05:58 – Shaked Tura Checkpoint
The gate close to us is open and the inspection facility is being opened.  At 07:01 the herd of goats approaches the inner gate and a female soldier tells us to get back and that we cannot enter.  The soldiers are busy checking permits of an Israeli car entering the checkpoint from the direction of West Bank.  The car is doing engineering work and there is already a new and modern steam roller and heavy equipment.  The herd goes through at 07:08 and turns eastward.  A young English lecturer who teaches at the American University in Jenin and comes through here every day  is pleased with the way the checkpoint is running and says there are no problems. 
Two soldiers arrive and are determined that we not cross the imaginary line of the gate and occupy themselves with the gathering at the gate. A taxi with female students arrives at 07:14 and  enters the inspection facility at 07:17 when the first car drives through to the seamline zone. 
A blue transit with J, the driver (whom Nava referred to as Y) reports that he has not been harassed for the past three days when he comes back from the West Bank.  He now goes through within three minutes. At 07:40 there are three people near the turnstile. 
There are tobacco plants growing in the olive grove but as far as we know they are no longer fit to pick.