Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Sun 27.6.10, Morning

Sylvia P, Ofra B, Chana A (reporting)

06:50 Bethlehem, CP 300 - When we arrive, we are told outside that today was a good day. Most of the people who crossed today are already outside and waiting for their transportation in Jerusalem. Inside, the situation affirms this: quiet and almost empty. No shouting from the other side, no people there. We meet the commander of the CP, well known to us, who complains about the same things we have complaints about: usually long lines, not enough manned exit booths, not enough metal detectors. He is unhappy about the indifference to his demands, as we are. Neverthless, it seems that things CAN work, even with these problems, i.e. today. The workers report a pretty good situation for the past few weeks, so what is the difference between when things go well and when they don't?
8:00 Etsion: Doors open only ten minutes later and the first "client" gets in only at 8:25. There are many people, at least 50 and the going is slow. Many complaints about the blacklistings and Sylvia and Ofra are busy. I have time to look around and discover that there has been a wildfire burning all the growth on the side of the parking lot and more: From where we stand I can see that all the cars in the last row (seven altogether) of the police parking lot for confiscated vehicles have been burned out. On inquiry with Ibrahim, the minibus driver, this is confirmed. He says that not all the cars in the lot were burned but many. I don't know if this has been reported before, but it pays to see if the owners were compensated for their loss.