'Anata, Qalandiya, Thu 22.7.10, Morning

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Judy and Sheila

 Qalandiya  - 6:40  The vehicle checkpoint was  crowded but moving. The pedestrian checkpoint had unusually long lines  but  moved very quickly, so quickly in fact that the Humanitarian Gate was not > open. However when we requested it be opened for a very sick child, it  was.  The soldiers were polite and spoke to the Palestinians in Arabic- we  recognize the significance of this. 

Anata  - 7:30  Cars and pedestrians moved freely. The  road  has been paved and it looks as though the new checkpoint will be opened  soon. We had a sense that the soldiers were nervous about something.   There  was a police car there (which is unusual). We saw a car pulled over to  the  side being inspected very thoroughly.  We were surprized at the reaction of two of the soldiers to us. They  explained it has been their experience that most of the Machsom Watchers  come just to criticize the soldiers and yell at them.