Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Sun 29.8.10, Morning

Lea S. and Paula (reporting)

Given the switch to winter-time in Israel, it is now an hour earlier in the West Bank, and unfortunately this is too early to observe happenings in Hebron, or to buy grapes and figs along Route 35.

Sansana Crossing

The Palestinian side was empty and a lot of workers are waiting for their shuttles on the Israeli side. We did not stay long.

Route 60
There are more and more Palestinian cars on the road and you have to be careful driving on the two-lane road. At the entrances to Palestinian villages where checkpoints were taken down -- e.g. Dahariya, Shiyuch, and Dura -- there are now red signposts, warning against entering area A, which is under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority. The signs do not deter settlers or the army from entering, but are designed to eliminate civilian contact that supposedly endangers our security.
Next to the entrance to Dura, there is an unoficial signpost marking the entrance to Negohot and thereby implicitly inviting the settlers to simply ignore the official red signposts!  There is another red signpost at the entrance to Shiyuch. But the other side is closed and there are concrete blocks on the road. Parents who previously drove their children to school to help them cross the dangerous road can no longer do so because of the concrete blocks near the school.   

It was early and we passed through the empty city without anything happening.