Reihan, Shaked, Tue 20.4.10, Morning

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Tsvia S. and Rachel H. (reporting)
Translated by Dvora K.


07:30 Shaked CP

A torn flag. Morning Prayers. Why is that man rummaging in my Daddy's car?

A herd of goats received us when we arrived. At the side of the post, there is a large military vehicle with a big dirty torn flag. Two soldiers come to ask if everything is ok.

Armored cars? Yes! Behind a camouflage net we see a soldier praying. When he finishes he turns over his skull cap and the Tefillin to his friend. School children go through. The older ones' schoolbags have a pedantic inspection; the younger ones run through and are not inspected. The Transit driver who brought 13 of them collects them after he and his car have been inspected. We measured a quarter of an hour for a family that arrived in their car; the women entered the pavilion. The father and a child of two waited. five minutes later the car was called to enter. Ten minutes more for a careful inspection of all the papers; and after that the soldier inspects the inside of the car, lifts the floor-coverings, opens and shuts the doors. We must say to the soldiers's credit that the toddler was not forced to go through the fright of having his father leave him in order to be inspected in the pavilion.

08:15 -- we left

08:30: Reihan CP

Happy Holiday .... Flags of the CP, Lots of New Flags.

Ten vans. The Palestinian parking lot is crowded, but there is still room. A. tells us that they opened at 07:00. Today, things are 'weak'. At midnight the closureinfo-icon will end, and along the way there are no problems. From the other side, one window is in operation. And everything is relatively quiet. The passage is quick. Somebody claims that inside the place is full and crowded. Others say that today the passage is fine. Many young people are happy and laughing ; a few greet us with "Happy Holiday' (maybe they got the privilege of a day off and are going to have a good time in Barta'a?). The inspection of the cars going south is very careful as usual (A full van = 15 minutes).

09:00  We left.