Qalandiya, Thu 6.5.10, Afternoon

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A film crew from the Sam Shpiegel School and Tamar Fleishman (reporting and taking photos)

A babyinfo-icon on his own


Without his mother, father, relative, or, why did a baby of eight months pass the checkpoint:

Sedated and on respiratory devices, between life and death, his tiny body lied inside the emergency aid kit that was made of a plastic box, while two ambulance crews and a doctor who was sent for especially for him from Mukased hospital, tried keeping him alive.

And so, moving him from the back of one ambulance to the other, in the wind and dust, in front of the pointed rifle and blind/indifferent/suspicious eyes of a civilian security man and a soldier, the
 Palestinian baby was making his way to the hospital.

Could we even imagine a Jewish baby or child being sent to the hospital on his own, without his parents or relatives? - What's more when it entails going to the farthest of countries from across the sea?

Isn't a baby always a baby?