Reihan, Shaked, Sat 3.4.10, Morning

Sarit A., Rachel H., reporting

Translation: Bracha B.A.

06:55 – Reihan Barta'a Checkpoint

Regards from Walid and.. When will the closureinfo-icon end?

We are surprised to find the paved road at the turn south of the checkpoint despite the fact that we reported it earlier. The smell of smoke from the charcoal factory fills the air.

The dogs barked and barked and the loudspeakers announced that crossing has begun.  The gate on the road opens 3-4 minutes later.  The position on the road opens and is watched by two armed guards – one next to it and one above.  We glared at the guard who lowered his weapons that had been trained at the people. The other guard walked onto the bridge, his weapons still trained on the people, and yelled to us, "On a morning like this at your age you should be at home and not running about."

07:10 – The first people begin to come out.  Walid greets us happily.  He looks good and is smiling.  He works in the charcoal factory and has a permit and is able to sleep at home.
It is quiet near the gate and there is little traffic.  People cross quickly.  There are two windows open in the terminal.  The closure  does not have any impact upon people with permits to Barta'a, but those who work in the settlements and the Shahak Industrial zone cannot cross except for those who work in the carpet factory.  We are told, "Evidently the owner made a fuss."

There are 8 vans in the upper parking lot waiting for passengers.  We left at 07:55.

08:05 – Shaked Tura Checkpoint
There are two male soldiers and one woman.  A shepherd, his herd, and a donkey are not allowed through.  We learn from a soldier from the armored corps who takes an interest in where we are from that his permit is not valid.

A woman soldier from the Military Police appears to be occupied with the shepherd.  She also wants to know if we are OK and if we need anything.  A young woman is standing outside the inspection booth.  We remember her from before.  She knocks on the door of the inspection booth but it doesn't open. This goes on again and again. Whoever is standing outside has no way of knowing if there is another check going on inside or how long they have to wait.

Two young men with a foal attempt to cross and it takes a while until a phone call is made and they are allowed to cross.  The shepherd, donkey, and the flock are still waiting.

We left at 08:30.