'Azzun 'Atma, Eliyahu Crossing, Habla, Tue 9.3.10, Morning

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Natalie, Ruti Translator: Charles K.

7:10  Azzun Atma, southern checkpoint

20 laborers standing outside the village, waiting for their employers to pick them up.

Six soldiers outside, sometimes stopping someone who already had his ID checked and going through his belongings.  Two soldiers in the booth, both of them inspecting ID’s. 

About 50 Palestinians at the checkpoint, waiting to exit.  We watched someone who was in the middle of the line; it took him ten minutes to reach the window and have his ID checked.

A Palestinian who just went through said that it took him about a half hour.  He and others said that in recent days there haven’t been any inspections at the northern checkpoint. 

10:00  Kafr Sara, roadblock

Cars can’t go through.  The road is deserted.  We were asked to see what’s happening with the roadblock.  It’s still in place (concrete blocks), and weeds are now growing there.