Qalandiya, Mon 18.1.10, Morning

Judy A., Maya B., (Reporting)

Translation: Bracha B.A.

06:30 - We are at Qalandiya.  It is cold and rainy and the checkpoint is open.  Everyone who arrives enters and goes through immediately.  There are only a few people going through today because of the rain.  Construction workers, who are apparently the majority of people who come here, are not going to work today.  This shows us and should show others that things could be different: if they opened up more inspection points and made the inspectors, mainly the women inspectors, work more quickly a lot of unnecessary suffering could be avoided.  

We were joined by a group of students from France and EnglandWe sat with them over coffee and told them about our organization for more than an hour and they asked us relevant and important questions.  They were studying human rights and arrived with extremely well-formed opinions, and left with more focused and balanced opinions. .