Reihan, Shaked, Mon 8.3.10, Morning

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Leah R., Anna N. S. (reporting)
06.10 Agricultural CP A'anin
About 20 people are standing in the middle of the CP where the inspection is being done. A soldier is verifying the personal details of a resident on the computer. Another soldier is acting as a guard and two DCO representatives are observing what is going on. In the course of our shift, ten young men were sent back to the village because their permits are no longer valid. For the first time, we see that they are inspecting bags; in most cases people were not allowed to transport the bags and they left them in the hands of acquaintances. The DCO people explained that from the content of the bags it is clear that the people are not going to work in their own agricultural plots, but are going into Israel. They explained to the officers that as residents they have the right to get to their own plots under all conditions and with any bag they wish to take; they also said that if they do not want them to go to work in Israel, all they have to do is to return their lands to the east of the separation fence. One of the DCO people claimed that a hundred farmers from A'anin received permits to go through to work on their plots of land, and we know that there are a thousand owners of lands or close relatives of the owners. He added that at this time, they are preparing a new survey of the lands and identifying the owners. In time, we'll see if that will help.
All together 25 residents of A'anin went through.

06:50 Mavo Dothan CP
We pass the Bedouin village of Emricha with its impoverished-looking temporary structures; the people look wretched. Further on, there are smoking coal burners and orderly piles of wood, sawed for charcoal; there are fields and groves, herds of sheep and a wonderful view. All along the road we counted at least three pillboxes.
In the CP at the Mavo Cothan junction, the traffic is flowing in both directions. Soldiers do the inspection alternating sides. We asked to go through to Ya'abed; the soldiers refused: "That's the West Bank there and you are not allowed there." We insisted: "And what is it here? Isn't this the West Bank?" "No", they say, "Here it is Israel." We wonder if they are speaking seriously.

07:30 Shaked -Tura CP
Here as usual the passage is conducted in an orderly fashion. Only people who are allowed to go through here arrive with a permit or with his ID card. The pupils' schoolbags are inspected. The adults are inspected in the pavilion. The vehicles are inspected in the center of the CP. On the side of the West Bank (Tura) there is a queue in front of the turnstile leading to the inspection pavilion. Everything bespeaks routine. All of this does not dull the feeling of insult and humiliation of the local residents who have to get a permit from the enemy in order to go through to their plots of land. Even if the soldiers are nice --- this is the occupation in all its ugliness.

08:20 Reihan-Barta'a CP
This is the time when all those who work in Barta'a come from all parts of the West Bank. The entrance to the terminal and the passage through it appear to be quick and without delays. The pickup trucks with agricultural goods were apparently being inspected in their inspection area and we did not see them. The driver of each vehicle invited by a sign of the guard emerges and hands over his documents in the pavilion window. After that he drives to the inspection area and there the vehicle is inspected. At the same time vehicles with Israeli licence plates go through the CP without stopping.

08:40   We left.