'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 4.1.10, Morning

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Leah R., Anna N-S (reporting)

Anin CP – Agricultural Gate
 Still dark, a bothersome rain, few people crossing through the gate, these include a tractor with children. The driver told us that since the kids were on school vacation, he had taken them along. One of the soldiers asked us who we were. Surprisingly, he wasn't hostile and said that he would wait for his discharge from the army before making up his mind about the occupation.

The New Barta'a CP (Rehan)
The passage of workers was at its peak. Taxis were awaiting passengers at the upper parking area. The last of the seamstresses were coming out. A steady stream of people kept arriving at the lower parking lot. A van was being inspected there and two more had arrived.

Tura CP (Shaked)
We slowed down on our way to the CP and realized that two more concrete blocks had been installed there (– so now there are four), preventing the passage of two vehicles simultaneously. What won't we do for the sake of  security.

Many students were crossing through, the youngsters with their backpacks, the older ones with a rolled up booklet in their hands, memorizing their lessons on their way to school. It's exam season, nearing the week of mid-term vacation. The principal of Barta'a's high school passed through without delay. Many teachers and workmen passed through from the West Bank to the seamline zone, few passed in  the opposite direction.

People coming out of the inspection booth told us that a young woman from Umm el-Rehan on her way to a medical examination in Tura had trouble with her dampened identity card. She did have her magnetic passage permit but nevertheless wasn't allowed through. We called up the Salem Liaison Officer, who was already aware of the delay. A military police Van arrived, the woman
presented them her documents and was allowed through.