Eliyahu Crossing, Huwwara, Wed 16.12.09, Morning

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Miki F., Shira W. (reporting)

Translation: Hanna K.

07:40 Ras Atiya
We arrived at the CP and waited for the transportation of pupils to the village. The vehicle arrived indeed about a quarter of an hour later and passed without special problems. Others who went in the direction of the village, among which were vehicles and a pair of farmers with a cart and a horse, also passed without special problems, after they presented their papers.

08:15 CP 109/The Eliyahu Passage
When we arrived we saw a young man waiting at the detaining post. He told us that he is there since six o'clock in the morning. The soldiers claimed that he had been detained for an hour and a half (so it seems that this was indeed the duration of the delay) and that the reason for the detainment  was that he 'created havoc'. What transpired from the soldiers and his own report was that he had an authorization to get to the Seamline zone, but that he tried to jump over the fence and not to pass at the pedestrians' passage, because of the great pressure. Micky reported to the DCO. Half an hour later he was released and went to pass at the pedestrians' passage. There were about 20 people waiting at the entrance to the passage. The passing was slow but flowed. Palestinians on the spot told us about a great pressure that was in the morning.
While we stayed at the CP our attention was drawn to a small boy who was detained, according to the Palestinians on the spot, since half an hour. We saw the boy waiting at the fenced in part around the checking caravan of the pedestrians' passage. We talked to him, he said that he was 11 years old and that he was caught at the western side of the CP, while he was waiting for people to come and fetch him to work. It was difficult to understand from him exactly what had happened and where he was from. The soldier on the spot claimed that he was an illegal and that he had tried to pass the CP. Be it as it may, the child was released shortly afterwards, to the Western side.

09:15 Huwwara
At the CP there were random checkings of vehicles. Among them was one car that was checked by a dog for long minutes, while other vehicles waited. Micky called the DCO to find out what the reason for the delay was. Within a few minutes the DCO commander of the sector arrived . At this stage the queue diminished and the soldiers stopped cars for a short check, including vehicles who were checked by a dog. At the same time a conversation with the soldiers on the spot began, and we again heard about the security need to check vehicles and to prevent the transfer of means of warfare, terrorist acts etc. At the Huwwara CP? It is not on the Green Line.