Bethlehem, Tue 1.12.09, Morning

Rachel M., Drora P., Idit S. (reporting)


06.45 AM, Bethlehem  - Checkpoint 300: (Homma Crossing). A very large number of people are crossing, five inspection stations areoperating, but there is no pressure.  The Ecumenical representatives are not here so we don’t know what ishappening on the far (Bethlehem)side.   The people passing-through thecheckpoint report that the crossing is quick and easy and there are nocomplaints.


07.15 :  It is reported to us that almost everyone hasalready passed through the checkpoint.  We travel towards the Har Homma checkpoint, where the    traffic is flowing and there aren’t manycars. 

We travel in the direction of Tekoa.   We are not held-up at any checkpoints andall the roads are open.   At the entranceto Tekoa there is an inspection barrier with tens of workers who pass-throughthe inspection  channel (similar to thosein permanent checkpointsinfo-icon).   It isinteresting to see so many people making a living from the settlements.