Reihan, Shaked, Wed 25.11.09, Morning

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Vivien & Nava (reporting)

7:40 - Shaked-Tura checkpoint
Three cars and a dozen people are awaiting passage from the West Bank to the SeamLine zone.
Things appear to be all right, but after going through we hear complaints:
1. An officer yells at one of the teachers: "Shut your mouth";
2. One person pushed the carousel forcefully and as a punitive step he was detained;

3. People complained of the soldiers' rudeness at the checkpoint.

All have gone through, and only one woman is waiting for her husband, who hasn't shown up. She is from Um-el-Rihan, married to a resident of Jenin and lives there. Her husband can not obtain a permit, even on an one time basis, to Um-el-Rihan.

8:45 - Rihan-Barta'a
A heavy traffic from East Barta'a, at the Seamline zone into the West Bank, apparently for the upcoming holiday.
Many taxi drivers wait for passengers.
Three people arrive together at the terminal. For an unknown reason one of them went into the West Bank within five minutes and the other two stayed inside the terminal for half an hour.

09:45 There were no more trucks waiting for inspection of agriculture produce.

As we left, the car park area id filled with vehicles of merchants from East Barta'a