'Anabta, Deir Sharaf, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Jubara (Kafriat), Thu 26.11.09, Afternoon

Mika S., Yehudit L.

15:10 The Barrels CP
Soldiers are sheltered in their posts. They don't disturb the traffic.

15:20 The Anabta CP
There were no soldiers at the CP

15:30 At the Jubara gate
 A very long car queue at the entrance to Israel (they were in Nablus buying goods for the holiday).

15:35 Irtah
Because of the holiday fewer Palestinians went out today to work in Israel, therefore now there is no pressure, nor was there any in the morning, contrary to the usual days.

We measured; 5 minutes for the passage through the CP.
A young man from Qualanssawa tells us that his grandfather has been waiting for two hours. The grandfather stands near the queue for those entering Israel. He was supposed to arrive for a visit during the holiday.

15:50 We went to try and find out what happened in the queue of those entering Israel (on the other side). We met one of the security guards. He said that people were being transferred all the time (meaning the passage from both sides) but since we arrived we didn't see anybody walking in the direction of Israel.

16:00 The grandfather, dressed formally, leaves the CP with his trousers belt in his hands and is welcomed by his grandson. A Palestinian who came out at the same time said that he had been waiting for one hour and a half to pass through the CP.

In the meantime workmen from Israel pass the CP on their way home. There is no pressure.