Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Mon 26.10.09, Afternoon

Shlomit S., Ora A. (reporter)

14:30 PM, Etzion DCL: a group of people waiting near the turnstile at the CP. No one paid any attention to them. There were no soldiers at the counter. Following our phone call a soldier showed up, led in the people that were waiting and then disappeared. Further arrivals had to wait without attendance as the soldier wasn't there. We made another phone call and they were let in. We could not find out why there was no one on duty at the counter. The response to our phone enquiry informed us that there were four soldiers on alternating duty!

A young person told us that his driving license had been confiscated and he was told that it would be returned once he paid his driving offences' fines. He paid his fines but his license had not been returned. We suggested that he call Maher, which he did. Maher explained that the cause was that the computer was down and suggested that the person should call him on the following day and see if the license was there. We gave him Haya's phone number, just in case…

We referred two young persons to Sylvia. They had been refused magnetic cards: 'security refusal'. Two others received their cards after waiting inside while their escorts waited outside for a considerable length of time.

We had a talk with the deputy mayor of El-Hadr, who showed us an invitation to a municipal meeting at Nazareth but he was refused a permit to enter Israel, on 'security grounds'. He told us that not long back when he had a similar invitation permission was granted and he attended the meeting in Israel.

A Palestinian who had been summoned by the Shabak sat and waited for a long time. He told us that this was the third consecutive time that he was asked to appear, also waited for a long time, was sent away and instructed to come on the following day.