Reihan, Shaked, Wed 28.10.09, Morning

Vivian SB, Nava R (reporting)

07:30 Shaked Checkpoint
On the Palestinian side more than 40 men and four cars are waiting. From the Seam Zone individual schoolchildren come from time to time.
People complained that the check in the hut is slow. They said there should be differentiation between "the regulars" who cross the checkpoint every day, and those who only cross in olive picking season, whose examination is longer because they are not known.
The school principal of East Bartaa (in the Seam Zone), who lives in the West Bank, has replaced his car. They don’t let him through in his new car. They send him from DCO Salem to some other place then back to DCO Salem, and he doesn’t succeed in getting a transit permit for the car.

08:45 – all have passed and we leave.

08:55 Reihan Checkpoint
No trucks with cargo waiting, nor any cars. The parking lot is full of cars of Palestinians crossing into the Seam Zone, to Bartaa or Israel. Only two improvised taxis waiting for passengers. Since they have allowed Palestinians to cross at Dotan with their cars, the taxi drivers have had no business.
No problems were noticable beyond the terminal to the Seam Zone, but those crossing to the West Bank had to wait in the terminal about quarter of an hour because of the pressure of people passing in the opposite direction, mostly to East Bartaa.

09:45 – we left the checkpoint.