Reihan, Shaked, Sat 17.10.09, Morning

Shula N., Noah L.(reporting)
07:30-08:00 - Shaked-Tura checkpoint.
There is lively traffic on both sides, vehicles as well as pedestrians. Those going into the West Bank are mostly families and students, and those entering the Seam Line zone are mostly olive pickers.

One person approaches us for help; He is a resident of Aaneen and he owns olive groves in the Seam Line zone, but was given a passage permit for three days only.
We took his name and we'd be happy to hear suggestions for help.

Those going through report that when the checkpoint opens at 07:00, there are quite a few people waiting; the congestion is heavy, causing a long wait but later it clears and by 08:00 passage is swift.
When we arrived there were people waiting in front of the two gatesinfo-icon but as we left all had already gone through.

08:10 - 08:50 Rihan Barta'a checkpoint

Here too traffic is heavy, mostly in the direction of the Seam Line zone. There are no people waiting in front of the gates and those coming out report a quick passage at this time. But passage of vehicles on both sides appears slow (we were unable to take time and this is based on our impression only).

About 5 cars wait to cross over to the West Bank, passengers are being inspected by the vehicle while the car itself is under a thorough and lengthy inspection. On the opposite direction there are about 10 cars (through out our entire shift) waiting to enter the Seam Line zone.
The enclosed inspection area receives 8 vehicles at a time.