'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Sun 11.10.09, Morning

Ruti T., Chana H.

05:45 Aanin Checkpoint
Perhaps 20 people have already passed and are striding off to work.
A white vehicle (DCO?) stands in front of the yellow gate where there are three soldiers and two emplacements. – and that’s where the checks of permits are made. In the area of the checkpoint there are two commandcars and two soldiers. On the other side of the checkpoint, alongside the village, many people milling around and one of the passersby reports more than 50 people waiting down there. They come up one by one from the wadi at a rate of 20 men in ten minutes.

Remnants of chairs and armchairs that they didn’t succeed in transferring to Aanin in recent times now furnish the concrete building that serves as a "hut."

06:15 Reihan Checkpoint
On the upper parking lot there is noticeably very slow activity. The checkpoint opened at 05:00, but passage is slow. In the closed compound a number of loaded trucks are being checked. We descend the sleeveinfo-icon and meet workers coming out of the checkpoint at a rate of 20 in five minutes: B. And T. told us that they passed within ten minutes.

06:25 – a car arrives from the West Bank with passengers, and waits on the road by the white line. After five minutes, the driver moves up to the vehicle checkpoint, hands over IDs and continues to wait. At 06:45 there are already three cars waiting, and only then do they ascend to the checking area.

06:40 – a taxi with students passes from the Seam Zone to the West Bank. The driver, for some reason, fears the crossing and asks us to wait by the vehicle checkpoint until he is released. The passengers, having used magnetic cards, are waiting on the benches.. The car is checked by three workers and released after five minutes.

07:00 Shaked Checkpoint

About 30 workers waiting on the West Bank side to cross into the Seam Zone. From the Zone schoolchildren, all crossing quickly, only satchels being checked. A lot of cars passing in both directions, the drivers also being checked in the examination room.. The vehicle check is quick, but the pressure is great in these hours (olive picking season), and the wait to pass is long. Workers from the West Bank spend 20 minutes in the checkpoint itself. Teachers and students crossing to Jenin wait with their vehicles 20-25 minutes (and the schoolchildren are supposed to start at 08:00).