'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 24.8.09, Afternoon

Hannah H. and Ruthy T.

15:25 A'anin

The gate was opened at three. About 15 workers, children and another five tractors are waiting patiently. The passage goes on lazily and when we left at 15:50 three tractors were still waiting to go through.
16:00 Shaked-Tura
A few cars go through from time to time in the sleepy CP. At the concrete station, there are two young boys, cousins, who asked to return to their homes in Arka. They were not allowed to go through the CP because there were no adults accompanying them and they did not have appropriate permits. The Shaked CP commander treated us courteously when we asked why they did not allow the boys to go through. In the end, we drove them to the Barta'a CP.
16:45 Reihan-Barta'a
The younger boy, about 13, goes through immediately. His cousin is detained for questioning. Near the turnstiles there is no crowing even though people keep arriving all the time. Some explain this by the fact that many workers, especially those who work in Israel, returned home earlier and went through the CP at about three o'clock. A security person let us be after we explained to him that we are allowed to stand at the entrance to the terminal. Many cars in the lower parking lot are waiting for workers from Barta'a. It is clear, at least today, that special arrangements have really been made in honor of the Ramadan and the passages are conducted calmly and efficiently. We did not hear any complaints and the people appear to be satisfied.