'Anabta, Eliyahu Crossing, Qalqiliya, Mon 3.8.09, Morning

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Nina S., Ariella C. (reporting)

Translator:  Charles K.

6:55  Ras A-Tiya
The gate at the entrance to Ras A-Tiya is closed.  No soldiers.  Five cars and a horse-drawn cart wait outside the village to enter.  About 30 people and a few cars are waiting in the village to leave.  Nina called the Humanitarian office, where the soldier who answered said that she was very busy and gave her a different number to call.  Nina made two more calls, and they said they’d look into it.

7:10  The soldiers arrived.  They move slowly; they’re in no hurry.  The people waiting say that the checkpoint is supposed to open at 6:30, but occasionally opens later.  We should note that the sign on the eastern gate doesn’t have the number of the gate on it.  One of those waiting said that the number of the gate is 1351.

7:25  Finally the gate opens.  About 30 people and four cars waiting to leave the village.  No one is allowed in yet.

7:40  Six cars, two horse-drawn carts and a tractor waiting to enter the village.  They began letting them in, an hour and ten minutes late.

7:50  Everyone went through, in both directions.  Finally.

8:00  Eliyahu gate
No laborers.

8:05  Qalqilya.
A soldier in position  Traffic flows freely, with no inspections.
When we passed Shvut Ami we saw a sign in support of Gush Katif on the hill, and two girls with equipment (??) in the grove of trees down below.

9:05  Anabta.
Traffic flows freely with no inspections.  After a few minutes, three entering cars were told to stop by the roadside.  After an inspection lasting 7-8 minutes, they were released.  A few taxis leaving the checkpoint were stopped.  It looked to us as if cars were being stopped at random, primarily taxis.  A passenger was taken out of a taxi and brought over to one of the jeeps parked off to the side.  He returned 7 minutes later and the taxi was released.  Another taxi was held for 10 minutes and more passengers were sent over to the jeep off to the side – for a talk?  Inspection?  Now cars are constantly being stopped and there are always about three cars waiting to be released, mostly private cars, and taxis are stopped at the exit and passengers taken out “for a talk.”