'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Thu 6.8.09, Morning

Yocheved G., Hanna H.

Translation: Bracha B.A.

A’anin Checkpoint  - 06:00
An army patrol passed by on the security road at exactly 06:00 and the soldiers opened the checkpoint only after five minutes.  They lined people up in a row single file and people begin to pass through at 06:10.
There are 20 people and three tractors waiting and the check takes two minutes.  People report that “Everything is OK.”
However, we met people from A’anin at the Reihan checkpoint who complained that their agricultural permits are not being renewed and they are being sent from the Liaison and Coordination Administration at Salem and the Palestinian Liaison and Coordination Administration in Jenin to arrange permits.  They also complained that the checkpoint is now only open for a half hour.
We left at 06:20..

Reihan Checkpoint 06:30
The upper parking lot is empty: most of the workers have evidently already left for work.  The passage from the seamline zone to the West Bank is quick with no delays, but there are hardly any people coming out of the terminal  in the opposite direction.  When we approached the terminal we heard a lot of commotion inside and no one came out.
People began to come out only at 06:50, and they complained that one person was being thoroughly checked and everyone else had consequently been delayed for a half hour.
06:50 No tenders have arrived with merchandise yet.  There are few cars traveling in either direction.

07:00 – People are now arriving from the West Bank and are entering the terminal immediately.

07:10 – Shaked –Tura Checkpoint
The checkpoint is open and everything is operating according to routine.  About 20 people are waiting next to the turnstile and coming out of the inspection room in groups of two or three.  Five cars pass through to the seamline zone one after another after being checked for two minutes.