'Anabta, Thu 23.7.09, Afternoon

Miriam S., Yehudit L. (reporting and photographing)



16:00 The vehicles are obliged to slow down when approaching the CP because of the scrubbed surface in front of them, because of the bumper, and because of spikes. Except for this, and the constant hesitation – "will they check? Won't they check?" we saw now other hindrance, notwithstanding the presence of soldiers. The CP which has been refurbished,boasts three new lanes (it is not clear what the purpose of the middle lane is), new signboards, and two watch-towers near each lane. We say vehicles with Israeli number plates entering and leaving without any hindrance.  


Eyal CP –

1630 – a continuous passage of workers who return home for the weekend.


During the time we were at the CP no queue accumulated. Checking time was 1 minute.