Huwwara, Sun 7.6.09, Afternoon

יהודית ב. נועה פ. (מדווחת(

Translator:  Charles K.

On the way to Huwwara, Hamdan's car lost a cylinder head.  A replacement was sent and we continued on our way.

15:45  Huwwara

About 30-40 people at the crossing for people on foot, waiting 5-10 minutes.  The crossing is calm, nothing unusual happening.

From time to time someone is told to put his belongings through the x-ray vehicle which is now located near the pedestrian crossing.

About 15 vehicles on line to leave Nablus.

Two inspection lanes are open, and there's a dog handler.  It takes 10-15 minutes to go through here also. 
Things went on like that until 5 PM, and then someone decided that it was too calm.  A bus full of pupils came from Nablus.  The people carrying out the inspections weren't satisfied with checking ID's, as usual.  All the pupils had to get off the bus and had to go through the pedestrian crossing.  It seemed an unnecessary, arbitrary example of harassment.

We cut our shift short because of the problem with the car and didn't continue to the rest of the checkpoints.