Reihan, Shaked, Sat 6.6.09, Morning

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Sarit A., Rachel H. (reporting)
07:00 - Rihan checkpoint 
One van at the upper car park area. The road checkpoint is still blocked. Would open at 07:00.
"Good morning soldier, may the flow begin".
Dogs bark.

07:05 - The first 5 people come out. Entrance into the terminal is , as always, is "Hamsa- Hamsa" (5 at a time) one or two barks to 'educate' the crowed.
The lines are short, most of those going out are familiar to us . good morning greetings. Here and there they are joined by children (summer vacation).
This morning the second window was not opened.
Passage time is about 20 minutes between entering and exiting.

08:00  Traffic is very sparse. No pedestrians are to be seen on the road leading to the checkpoint.
This time too, we've observed the discharge of 5 vehicles from the new inspection defined area.

At the upper car park area there are 8 vans.

- We left.

08:20 -08:35 Shaked checkpoint
Quiet. There is no traffic at all. There is sign posted on the gate. since it was written in Arabic, we were unable to understand it and there was no one around to assist us.

We left.