Reihan, Shaked, Tue 19.5.09, Morning

Rutie T., and Hanah H.
5:50 - Rihan checkpoint
A few workers wait for transportation. According to people passage is extremely slow.
At 6:05, all of a sudden 50 people come out of the terminal together, workers, two of them complaining that the biometric machine does not recognize them and they must lose a days' work and turn to the DCO. The problem (as we were told) is known, so why send them over there?

- People who come out at this time appear satisfied.
At the lower car park area there are 14 pickup trucks loaded with merchandise.
At 06:30 inspection begins. First drivers' papers are checked at the glass posts and from there they move to the new enclosed defined area.  Following the pickup trucks three cars went in, carrying passengers. in of the cars there were also eggs.
6:50 - Shaked checkpoint 
The gate is open, people begin going through at precisely  07:00.
About 20 people from the West Bank, among them 3 drivers who drive in as close as possible to the carousel and park very close to each other, inside the checkpoint defined area.
A sick girl, on her way to Hadassah hospital goes through immediately and separately (not through the inspection chamber).
First car from the West Bank crosses over only at 07:20 and the first workers get out only at 07:15.

-Three vehicles with passengers are waiting. The teachers' car gets in first and teachers go through without inspection.
The second car carries sprouting platforms and also goes through without any problems.
Two more cars arrive with students and residents. The students go through immediately only papers are checked and all go through without delays.
The general impression is that the checkpoint is run quietly and efficiently.