Deir Sharaf, Thu 30.4.09, Afternoon

Milette S., Irene T. (reporting)

4:30 Barrel Checkpoint:
The area was being staffed by reserve soldiers, one of whom mentioned that the place had been recently designated a "ma'avar" rather than a "machsom."  This new designation seemed, at least for the time we were there, descriptively accurate: cars were mainly allowed to pass without being stopped, although for a period of about 10 minutes, van-type taxis were stopped and asked to show I.D.s (They were then allowed to travel unimpeded; the soldiers said they are looking for a person with a specific ID number who's rumored to arrive in a taxi van)  The reserve soldier with whom we spoke said that cars with Israeli license plates were only allowed to pass on Saturdays, but we saw several such cars and trucks pass during the time we were there.